One week to MFD2: What’s in store

We are one week away from the kickoff of Mobility Field Day 2, one of those wireless and mobility focused events from the folks over at Gestalt IT and

I’m ecstatic about the lineup for MFD2.  It’s a number of folks whom I’m lacking knowledge in, have interesting products and viewpoints and those that I haven’t heard a ton from.  I just want to take a minute to talk about who’s coming and what I’m excited to hear about. 

Overall, MFD has a cloud and data analytics theme this year.   The companies all have cloud focused products and services.  The push to bring data analytics into our wireless solution sets is really becoming noticeable.

Known for their vBLE and cloud managed wifi, I’m excited to talk to Mist about what Big Data Analytics are going to do for my wireless network in the coming years. Look for a coming post on my thoughts on their wireless offering.

While I associate Cape with the happy/frowny faces on their dashboard, they bring us cloud based wireless network monitoring and dedicated sensors that allow for diagnosing wireless issues remotely.

However you pronounce their company name, I’m excited to see what’s coming from this end user analytics company.  Having leveraged their Voyance in a customer environment, I’ve seen first hand how valuable the data they collect is.  And based on what my experience has been, I can’t wait to see what’s new.

Formerly Airtight (and victim of the great WFD ballon heist) this cloud managed wireless provider has a long heritage in the WIPS industry.  Recently their announcements around OCP and white box APs have me intrigued about the future of what could be done with an open platform.  Combine that with their growing platform of tools and features that can run on this open hardware, and they have a lot to show off and talk about.

The folks that bring us the Aircheck G2, Linksprinter, Airmagnet and other network products.  I know the Aircheck from WFD1 is probably one of the most loved items in MFD/WFD history.  It will be great to see what’s coming for these products under Netscout’s watch.  I really enjoy their cloud portal for the Aircheck and LinkSprinter products.

Make sure you block out time Tuesday and Wednesday next week and follow the stream live at

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