ATM18 Recap: Thoughts On What We Saw

If you didn’t catch my post on Expectations and Predictions #ATM2018, In this episode of ToDSFromDS I’m doing a recap of ATM18 and and about which of my predictions came true, which ones didn’t and overall about the conference and Aruba’s strategy.


Prediction: Aruba OS 8 going mainstream – Confirmed

Everything being talked about and discussed on the wireless front was about AOS8.

Prediction: New Wireless controller hardware – Confirmed

Aruba brought out a larger version of it’s 7200 series controller with 40/100G interface options.  Same general AP counts as the 7240XM, but with faster interfaces and more aggregate throughput.

NetInsight: NetInsight New and Improved – Confirmed

Lots of discussions around NetInsight, but honestly I’m not sure how much of this is new or just Rasa being rebranded.  Still, everything was very interesting.

Prediction: New 5400 replacement – WRONG

I didn’t really expect this, but no new switches really discussed.  Lots of discussions around their Core/Aggregation switching with the 8400 and 8320 models and ArubaOS-CX.

Prediction: SD-WAN – Confirmed

SD-WAN was an easy bet.  They did briefly mention it, and demo some functionality, but the main message was “Coming Soon.”

Prediction: PPSK – WRONG

Nothing on this front discussed.  Some discussion around SAE and WPA3, but nothing addressing the current use-case for Per-User Preshared Keys.


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