First Day: Why I’m blogging

Today was a graduation day of sorts for me.  Sure I’ve had actual graduations before, but this one is a little special. I was just recently promoted from an “Internal Systems Engineer” to a “Systems Engineer.”  Big deal right?  For me it actually is.  I’ve escaped the world of Operations and am now out designing and implementing networks for clients.  I have a new boss, different responsibilities and (hopefully) better pay.

But today the graduation wasn’t about the new job.  It’s about graduating as a consumer of information, to a producer of information.  I saw a tweet by local company @metageek talking about being a delegate for Tech Field Day.  I’m really interested in the Tech Field Day stuff.  Not only do I think it’s a great idea to get people excited about the new technology, but also that it’s time for me to start giving back.

Now I’m not a high level networking guy (yet), but I feel the things I learn in the day to day role as a VAR would be useful to those in the field.  So let the fun begin.

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